A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Tell a story with your friends against the ticking clock of Murphy's Law, where the story elements are dictated not by you, but by the cards.

A Tale of Tropes (Working Title) is a semi-cooperative story-telling game that's focused around spinning a narrative from within the constraints of a deck of trope-themed cards, and with the constant threat of imminent DOOM looming over the proceedings. Your hero may not save the day, and the world may end up obliterated, but hey...

...at least it'll make a cool story, right?

[Note: The 'game board' image is just there to indicate how the cards are meant to be arranged for ease of use. Even if you could get that thing onto a roller printer, I can't even begin to guarantee that it will function as a working board for you.]

----- Version History -----

0.01 - Initial Version

0.02 - Fixed a few spelling and grammatical mistakes, and corrected a serious mix-up in the Story Card deck.

Install instructions

Open the Zip, print out the cards (make sure you put the right card backs on the right cards! Read the instructions if you're not sure), and check the 'board' layout diagram. You should be good to go!


Complete Zipped Folder - v0.02

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